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Where did the name Hold My Pasties Please come from?

Funny you should ask... after one Friday night of partying, a woman stepped out of her friends car and heard a splash. One of her reusable, chicken cutlet looking pasties fell off and into a puddle. As the pastie drifted away, and her friends proceeded to laugh hysterically something dawned on her. Not only were those pasties unattractive, but also unreliable. That woman was the founder of Hold My Pasties Please, Layal El-Saadi…

On the weekly podcast the team discusses topics such as dating, relationships, startups, female empowerment, as well as share their own experiences. They also design Pasties, and keep the nip slips classy!


Layal El-Saadi | Founder & Creative Director

Houston TX, native Layal El-Saadi has never been one for small talk, or sugar coating her views on life. She has lead a very colorful life, that always seems to be changing. After a failed marriage at a young age, owning a restaurant named after her, and traveling abroad she wanted a platform to share her experiences, and be honest about things not always being perfect. One day you have a salad named after you (this is no joke), the next you are staying in a hostel in Sydney with no friends. Sometimes you need something awful to make a change, and that awful thing for Layal was a bad breakup…Sort of the straw that broke the camels back. She chose to channel all of that energy into a podcast, and not flee the continent again. She named that podcast, Hold My Pasties Please. Layal operated that podcast for about 6 months with no editing, and recorded it on a phone. It sounded like garbage, until she met Chaz Wilson who let her know it sounded like garbage.

Chaz Wilson | Chief Design Officer/CIO

Originally from rural Northeast Texas, Chaz Wilson had always fought to grow as an individual as well as to be a part of something great and add value to the world. After hitting some low points early in life, he enlisted in the US Navy, a decision that changed his outlook on life forever. While in the Navy, Chaz began to produce music, and learned valuable technical skills, which in turn, lead to his career in programming and IT.  Being the jack of many trades that he is, Chaz is also studying to be a dentist. Incase you missed this, Chaz is a programmer/dental student/DJ/producer/pastie designer. Talk about a busy day!