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How I Ended Up With A Pastie Startup

by Layal El-Saadi |  | 2 comments

My name is Layal El-Saadi, and I have a startup that’s all about pasties! To get here, I had to go through some shit. My life is comparable to a roller coaster. (One which is on the verge of breaking)


I’m going to cover the main points, and give you guys the quick version...


I didn’t grow up in the happiest of homes and had a difficult marriage at a young age. I opened a restaurant by the age of 20, then lost it as the result of my marriage ending by the age of 22. Having to help my parents through their own divorce, and helping my younger brothers and mother deal with it all taught me a lot about life and myself.


Talk about Character building.


To stay sane, I threw myself into the party scene too much, and developed some not so healthy habits. At age 24, I decided to move to Australia completely alone, a very abrupt decision with no clear plan, which became the best decision I have ever made. I allowed myself to be alone, feel sad, heartbroken, and angry. Slowly I began to feel true peace and resolve.


Don’t underestimate the power of a change of scene. 


I came back to Texas after a year abroad, so ready have some stability in my life. I enjoyed a job with benefits, a steady income and a boyfriend I thought I would marry. Life was calm!  Just after my 28th birthday the boyfriend and I called it quits. In the midst of the breakup, I decided create an Instagram page and podcast to let all those feels out into the world! 


Hold My Pasties Please was born! 


From breakup, to concept to artistic brand startup in less than a year. I’ve just turned 29 years old, I don’t have a steady income, I have thrown virtually all of my savings into this company with no proper business plan or model. I have no real business background, and I didn’t finish college. I’m approached daily by people wanting to invest in my company. They are mainly older men, who know more than me, and promise the world. (Everyone wants something of course.You just have to figure out what exactly that is.) I’m at the place in which I need help, but want to make the right decision. 


How do I keep control, in a world of men who think they know what women want? 


Why am I continuing on this path? Hold My pasties Please has given me such a sense of purpose. Yes, I have had friends turn away from me, and its rendered me broke and exhausted, but it’s mine and I love it. 


Stability is so overrated.


Hold MY Pasties Please (HMPP) is my platform to take control of my life. I want to be powerful, sexy, smart, and unafraid. I want to help, I want to speak my mind, share my story, and hopefully allow others to do the same. It’s hard being a female, we need to be beautiful, work hard, and be diplomatic while avoiding the advances of men in the work place. Deal with periods, child birth, and the pressure of marriage. Girls are  competing with other girls, not helping each other, and not being honest with ourselves about all of it. 


I don’t know where this will all take me, this is me trying and maybe failing, but I’m doing it any ways. All for the world to see. I hope this gives everyone a better understanding of my life, and how I became the women behind Hold My Pasties Please! 


I love comments and suggestions! You can catch me at @holdmypastiesplease or @lucylou3301 



Comments (2)

  • SG on October 09, 2018

    A quote I heard this week from a underestimated professional.
    “You can accomplish anything in life if you are willing to work for it.”
    It seems fitting. , Things are wired and you never know how much power your words mean. Once you step out of your comfort zone (reg life) and up on the platform(HMPP) things change… You will shine like the star that you are.
    #Hustle > #Luck

  • Osama Raad on October 09, 2018

    Don’t look back. Always forward. Ignore the assholes (men or women). There are many envious people out there. Do your thing and take care of yourself. Many good wishes and success.

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