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9 Hacks to Look Put Together When You're Broke AF

by Layal El-Saadi |  | 1 comment



Most female entrepreneur blogs/groups, or bloggers don’t tell you how difficult things will get when having your own startup. Or maybe they do, but somehow they always look like It’s Friday, and they just went on a shopping spree.  


I currently have a startup, and look like it's always Sunday-Funday post-apocalypse. I’m constantly battling grown out roots, and un-manicured nails. Don’t get me wrong, I could probably swing those things, and it’s not all about the money. A lot of it is about making the time. 


When you are balls deep in a new startup, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. The money you do have will likely be spent on the startup. If it’s not, you probably don’t care about it enough. 


Entrepreneurs can sometimes sound like they are in a cult… 


I’m sure lots of bloggers will have a bone to pick with me on this, but most bloggers are lucky enough to be supported by a husband (majority of them are married), or perhaps they have a some help from family, or maybe even a sugar daddy. Listen, there is nothing wrong with any of those things. My point is that this list is not for them (unless shit hits the fan). This list is for the anyone working their asses off with little to no support, or who would rather spend their money on other things…such as passive investing.



#1 Plan ahead

Don’t wait until the last minute to go shopping if you need something specific. I once did this for a photo shoot, and ended up spending $200 on two sheer tops for my model to wear once. That was dumb, and a poor decision made out of desperation. 


#2 Focus on accessories

Buy trendy accessories, and simple classic clothing pieces, for example high wasted black slacks. I personally love scarvesknee high socks, and berets. I feel like they are a great way to pull any look together. ( I’ve watched too much clueless) 




#3 Hit the thrift store, or better yet swap clothes with a friend (preferably a friend who lives out of town)

Years ago, a good girl friend and I went on a pretty big shopping spree. The deal was that we split everything purchased between the both of us. Then, after a couple of months trade what we have. 


#4 Don’t be afraid of neutral nails. 

Models are often required to have bare nails, or very neutral polish. Be like a model..Or paint your own nails. 


#5 Focus on yourself

Drinking enough water, eating healthy, working out, and getting enough sleep are SO important. If you look good, you can wear whatever the hell you want. Besides the food, these things are all free.


#6 Drugstore Makeup

I don’t recommend this on foundation, but most everything else can be bought at a drugstore. Mascara has to be replaced so often, save yourself $10 and hit up Target. I personally love LOREAL Voluminous LASH PARADISE . I am also a big fan of Elf cosmetics, they have lots of great products at a very good price. 


#7 Versatility

I personally try to avoid wearing pants at all costs. Even in the winter I wear tights under everything. I absolutely love dressesbut I am always careful to buy ones that can be dressed up or down. The right pair of shoes, and accessories can really change an outfit. Stick to simple, and versatile everything! 



#8 Clean out your closet 

When I had a more disposable income (AKA pre-startup life), I would buy things and totally forget about them. Every time I have taken the time to clean my closet, I have discovered so many unworn items with the tags still on. 

#9 Have hairstylist friends 

I refuse to do my own hair, I feel as though your hair is more important than any outfit. Either find a low maintenance color/cut, or have a friend who can help you out during these frugal living times. 


There you have it, 9 tips to help you get by when you are broke AF. 

Tell me how you feel about this, please leave a comment below :)



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  • Olivia on October 23, 2018

    Awesome tips! Also, thrift store shopping is your friend!

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